Do you have a waiting list, or take pre-orders?

I don't currently have a waiting list or take pre-orders for any items.

Do you take commissions?

I don't take commissions at this time.

Will there be more ship dice for sale?

Yes, I'm always working on more! Since I make them myself without any assistance, I can only make so many at a time, so it may be several weeks or months before another batch is ready for sale.

Does your jewelry contain nickel?

I include a titanium option for all my earrings for those with metal allergies. The surgical titanium I use does not contain nickel or other metals, and is hypoallergenic for most people with metal allergies. If you have concerns about allergens, please contact me.

Does my order come from an allergen-free environment?

My items are made and shipped from my home where I have dogs and birds. I do my best to ensure that no pet hair makes it onto the item or packing materials, but if you have a serious dog or bird allergy, please be aware that a stray hair is a possibility. My home is smoke free and cat free. If you have concerns about allergens, please contact me.